“Zambia has an estimated 1.6 million orphans.”


In 2004, Benedict Schwartz answered a calling to create orphan villages in Africa. Benedict’s vision was to create a model that would provide children living in these villages with the knowledge and skills to succeed as adults and to create an economically sustainable community. This would be done by giving them hands-on experiences in jobs.

Benedict saw a great need in the country of Zambia, which has 1.6 million orphans. In 2006, 230 acres were purchased there to start the Villages of Hope. Since then, the village has accomplished the following: taken in at-risk children who have no one else to care for them, started several medium-sized businesses to financially support the village, and founded the School of Hope. The Village of Hope is located in the Chibomba District 50 kilomoters north of Lusaka.