“…a hope for today, tomorrow and eternity.”


Zambian families place a high value on education. Parents want their children to go to school and have a better future. Yet upon arrival at school, children often find an environment that fosters hopelessness: teacher absenteeism, lack of school supplies supplies, overcrowding, illness and disease, hunger, inadequate buildings, boredom, fear, and lack of training and resources. As Christians, we know that any hope we have comes from God. It is a gift. And through Him, Zambian and American educators have come together to develop the School of Hope, which provides a world-class Christian education relevant to Zambia. It is through schools that families and children can experience the hope that is within: a hope for today, tomorrow and eternity.

The School of Hope is built on the belief that children are created in the image of God; they are competent, curious, and full of knowledge and potential right from the start. Given an opportunity and good foundational skills, children can solve problems and connect to the world around them. School of Hope is growing as the children grow and will soon be providing education from 1st through 12th grade to over 300 children. Our school is available not only to the children in Villages of Hope, but also to children of our employees and to families in the surrounding villages.