“….ensuring long-term engagement within its community.”



AKCLI has developed a financial model that is based on economic sustainability. Through the establishment and management of a variety of medium-sized businesses, the Villages of Hope is working toward producing enough revenue to fully fund the village. Operating a commercial farm, a wholesale and retail farm market, producing eggs as well as meat birds, running a clothing store and booksotre, and deriving rental income diversifies our funding stream. Creating multiple avenues for funding allows AKCLI to develop financial security and ensures long-term engagement within its community.

As these businesses are being developed and grown, donations will continue to pay for the ongoing needs of each home in the village. Also, donations received by AKCLI go toward the capital expansion of both the village and the School of Hope. There will be continued development of the Villages of Hope with the construction of additional homes to house more orphans. The model was created in order to develop a working plan that could eventually be replicated elsewhere.

AKCLI strongly believes that God’s call and purpose for the global church is to serve the widows and orphans of the world. We offer churches, businesses and other organizations and individuals the opportunity to become involved in the Villages of Hope and serve the world as Christ intended.