“…the average Zambian does not live past the age of 43.”


Due to lack of adequate healthcare and widespread disease such as the HIV/AIDS virus, the average Zambian does not live past the age of 43. Lack of education and few healthcare resources has significantly increased preventable sickness and disease in Zambia. Orphaned children often don’t have basic needs such as running water or a diet that meets the nutritional needs of a growing child.

Needs assessments completed recently in Zambia indicate that food, security, health and education are the major issues at a material level for orphaned and vulnerable children. For example, 31% of children are malnourished, and 51.9% of children under 5 are stunted in their growth. The Villages of Hope provides healthcare education, medical care and a diet made up of fresh vegetables, eggs and milk to each of the children living in the village.