“The children are cared for using a holistic approach…”

Our Children

The children in our village have been identified through government social workers to be in dire need of physical care. They are dual orphans, meaning both their father and mother have died. The village is able to accept children as young as preschoolers, and these children are welcome to live in the village until they are capable of becoming independent.

The children are cared for using a holistic approach; we care for their physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive needs. They live in family-style cottages with eight to nine children in each cottage. A Zambian housemother lives in each of the cottages, cares for the needs of the children and raises them with the help of the Villages of Hope Zambian leadership team.

International mission volunteers and visitors interested in learning more about our model provide our children with a rich and varied worldview. Such interaction contributes to their learning and exposure to the English language. The love of caring men and women poured onto these children is making a real difference in their lives. These children are the future of Zambia, and our goal is to help prepare them to be knowledgeable and experienced Christian leaders of tomorrow.