“…the purpose of the Lord that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21






The members of the All Kids Can Learn International, Inc board prayerfully consider the decisions made on behalf of this organization. Our U.S. board is made up of men and women with years of experience serving in international missions. The broad range of expertise allows for knowledgeable and inventive decision-making. Our board is run under the Carver Model of Policy Governance, allowing for a highly effective, results-oriented approach to nonprofit board governance.

All Kids Can Learn Zambia has a Zambian board of directors to protect the cultural identity of the children living in the Villages of Hope and ensure cultural sensitivity when interacting with the local Zambian community. The Zambian board has made suggestions concerning what amenities should be offered to the children living in the village, as well as what is proper Zambian etiquette towards the employees of the Villages of Hope. As a result, the children at the Villages of Hope are learning cultural norms and how to care for themselves in their Zambian culture.

Our Board Members

Susan Lukaart- Educator; currently employed by Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

Debbie Durant- IT Consultant at the University of Delaware

Dave Durant- CRNA, Roxborough Memorial Hospital in Philadelphia, PA

Alan MacDonald- Pastor of Global Engagement at Fairfax Community Church Fairfax, VA

Kathleen Schwartz- Director of the School of Hope Zambia

James Kramer- Volunteer at orphan care ministries in 16 countries

Steve Engbers- Accountant in Aurora, CO